Skilled Trade Careers

Here in Ohio, we pride ourselves on supporting the skilled trades. As the third largest manufacturing GDP in the country, our manufacturing community is strong. And the expertise of our skilled trade workers makes us that much stronger. Our community is expanding every year, and we’re actively adding more skilled tradespeople to our workforce, so our companies can continue to produce amazing products.

Find a better job in Ohio—and find a better home. With happening cities, family-oriented suburbs and beautiful countryside, there’s a place for everyone in Ohio. And if you’re looking for a new skilled trade opportunity, there’s definitely something for you.

Land a skilled trade job that’s perfect for you

Explore the latest and greatest skilled trade job openings Ohio has to offer. See one or two that sound like you? Submit your resume and one of our recruiters will be in touch with you shortly.

CNC Machine Operator

Sitting still doesn’t work for you—you like to be up and moving. You’re comfortable in a manufacturing setting and enjoy being a part of building something great every day. You have experience operating numerical controls and manual machines, as well as have a keen eye for detail that you can apply to detecting malfunctions in machine operations. If that sounds like you, consider applying for a position as a CNC machine operator in Ohio.

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Is metalworking your passion? If so, Ohio has opportunities for you. As a machinist you will pioneer solutions and create what will become tomorrow’s world of metal. You’ll apply your skills and expertise to operating manual lathes, mills and drill presses. You will transform written or drawn instructions into reality and create amazing things. Submit your resume to let your metalworking career take off.

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Maintenance Technician

Here in Ohio, manufacturing continues to grow year by year. And the demand for maintenance technicians (a.k.a maintenance machinists or industrial machine mechanics) is growing rapidly along with it. Our companies need experienced maintenance workers who can support specialty areas such as preventative maintenance and repair and troubleshooting of equipment. Submit your resume today.

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Welder is a highly in-demand position in Ohio. If you have welding skills, we have a place for you. As a welder, you’ll interpret designs and apply known techniques to bring them to life. The ability to fabricate with Stick, Mig or Tig is a major added bonus. Whether your happy place is out in the field, on a construction site or in a shop environment, we can make your ideal career a reality. Apply today to be connected with Ohio companies that are seeking experienced welders.

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Tool & Die Maker

If precision work excites you, being a tool & die maker will be right up your alley. Tool & die makers are responsible for consistent quality from print to the finished part. Their ability to build, repair and maintain dies, fixtures and other tooling to high industry standards is key. It will be your responsibility to inspect and validate each product for conformance to specifications, so everything goes out the door perfectly.

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